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Anna's House - School Ages 3-12

Brand Design

Anna’s House believes that our role is to provide an atmosphere that respects each individual child and gives precedence to nurturing their spirit, and mind. We will cultivate an environment that encourages self-discipline, which then builds self-esteem, and enables us to nurture the growth of the whole child (body, mind, and spirit). Each child is encouraged to work within the healthy classroom structure which provides an atmosphere of order and respect. We commit to create a positive environment, provide the curriculum and lessons, and nurture each child as the child develops his or her own powers of critical analysis, creative problem solving, information retention, and the capacity for loving and understanding responses to others. 

We created a logo to represent imagination and free spirit, yet grounded with an academic edge. The combination of soft purple with serious blue appeals to both children and parents welcoming all who wish to join this establishment.

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